Earning an engineering degree from St. Petersburg University Russia, Andrew was an award-winning jeweler and antique clock restorer by the time he was 25 years old. Andrew became interested in contemporary art in his twenties and soon moved to Stockholm, Sweden to open the Red Rat gallery.

Years of working with painters, sculptors, and media artists, and with passion for modern architecture and interior design, Andrew became an artist himself. He applied his engineering education, craftsmanship and handiwork skills in creating a collection of art furniture, lighting, and design objects.

His style revives the fundamentals of conventional design while adding a futuristic spark.  Each object takes on a unique life yet works with the others in the collection.  They look cohesive as a group, and just as well outside Andrew’s environment, reinventing any room into which they are placed.

Andrew is interested in transforming common items into functional art, making life less ordinary. He utilizes different materials in a non-traditional manner. Andrew’s works are made from exotic wood, metal, glass, and resins. He is the true definition of a maker, Andrew himself builds each object by hand, and the works go beyond sculpture to serve everyday needs.